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Hello, I enjoy moving around as if my head was an airplane. Will The Zium Museum (2017) one day accommodate those of us with inverted airplane head controls?


I wonder if a virtual museum will become as popular as places like the Getty one day?

This was a unique experience and I enjoyed it.

I was thrilled by this. This is the kind of experience I would love to see more of. Makes great use of its interactive elements as well.   

Wow this is far greater than expected...


Wonderful experience! This was a real museum visit! Can't wait for further expositions.

thanks for having me Michael ;) !

Fantastic works! Super cool !!!! Really enjoyed it . Congrats !

I loved this! All the art was beautiful. Great job to all the contributors. <3 

This is a great idea! A museum space where interactive art and sound can be appreciated in the environment in which they were designed to be appreciated.

Also, how do I commission a "Fountain Room" for my house? =P

This is beautiful! Thank you and all of the artists for making this. :D