A downloadable Museum for Windows, macOS, and Linux

zium / noun / informal: 
1. a virtual gallery game, composed of eclectic and wonderful things. 
2. (kind of like a zine, but the museum version)

Welcome to The Zium Museum (The 2017 Creative Collection)

The Zium Museum is a Museum Exploration Game
filled with artwork and installations from over 30 artist
from around the world.

Featuring the work of;
Absenteism (@futursauvage on instagram)
Alamantus (@Alamantus)
Alivia Horsley (@slugspoon)
Alphagravy (alphagravy.tumblr)
Chip Forest (@chipforest)
Conor Mccann (@conormn)
Cosmo D (@cosmoddd)
Dan Emmerson (@DoodleDemmy)
Eli Rainsberry (@elirainsberry)
Farah Khalaf (@farahkhlf)
Fi Silva (@fifsilva)
G.P Lackey (@mousefountain)
Gareth Damian Martin (@JumpOvertheAge)
George Buckenham (@v21)
Ines J (art-creature.tumblr)
Keane Ng (@keanerie)
Ktch0 (@ktch0)
Khlakeus (@khalkeus3d)
Matthew Keff (@matthewkeff)
Michael Berto (@thesaveroom)
Moshe Linke (@moshelinke)
Nick Preston (@holyfingers)
Nicole Rusk (@CmdrSpaceCat)
Nina Pal (@peachyroyalty)
Studio Oleomingus (@studiooleomingu)
Pippin Barr (@pippinbarr)
Pol Clarissou (@polclarissou)
Quinn Spence (@QuinleySquare)
Roh (@roh_42
Space Backyard (@SpaceBackyard)
Tanja Mölholm (the-trashprincess.tumblr)
Thomas Newlands (@thnewlands)
Tom Kitchen (@tom_kitchen)
Vaida Plankyte (@underskinnyhrt)
Victor Mosquera (@victormosquerar)
Jav (yovox.tumblr)
Zane Zlemeša (zanezlemesa.tumblr)

The Zium Project was conceived, created and curated by Michael Berto
(@thesaveroom) + (@pawsmenu) + (@thezium)
with environmental design
+ modular environments
by Quinn Spence (@QuinleySquare)

(Waypoint - Rock Paper Shotgun - Itch.io)


The Zium Museum (1.0.0) [linux machines].zip 422 MB
The Zium Museum (1.0.0) [macintosh machines].zip 402 MB
The Zium Museum (1.0.0) [windows machines].zip 399 MB

Development log


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Hello, I enjoy moving around as if my head was an airplane. Will The Zium Museum (2017) one day accommodate those of us with inverted airplane head controls?


I wonder if a virtual museum will become as popular as places like the Getty one day?

This was a unique experience and I enjoyed it.


I was thrilled by this. This is the kind of experience I would love to see more of. Makes great use of its interactive elements as well.   

Wow this is far greater than expected...


Wonderful experience! This was a real museum visit! Can't wait for further expositions.

thanks for having me Michael ;) !

Fantastic works! Super cool !!!! Really enjoyed it . Congrats !

I loved this! All the art was beautiful. Great job to all the contributors. <3 

This is a great idea! A museum space where interactive art and sound can be appreciated in the environment in which they were designed to be appreciated.

Also, how do I commission a "Fountain Room" for my house? =P

This is beautiful! Thank you and all of the artists for making this. :D