A downloadable Museum for Windows, macOS, and Linux

zium / noun / informal: 
1. a virtual gallery game, composed of eclectic and wonderful things. 
2. (kind of like a zine, but the museum version)

Welcome to The Zium Museum (The 2017 Creative Collection)

The Zium Museum is a Museum Exploration Game
filled with artwork and installations from over 30 artist
from around the world.

Featuring the work of;
Absenteism (@futursauvage on instagram)
Alamantus (@Alamantus)
Alivia Horsley (@slugspoon)
Alphagravy (alphagravy.tumblr)
Chip Forest (@chipforest)
Conor Mccann (@conormn)
Cosmo D (@cosmoddd)
Dan Emmerson (@DoodleDemmy)
Eli Rainsberry (@elirainsberry)
Farah Khalaf (@farahkhlf)
Fi Silva (@fifsilva)
G.P Lackey (@mousefountain)
Gareth Damian Martin (@JumpOvertheAge)
George Buckenham (@v21)
Ines J (art-creature.tumblr)
Keane Ng (@keanerie)
Ktch0 (@ktch0)
Khlakeus (@khalkeus3d)
Matthew Keff (@matthewkeff)
Michael Berto (@thesaveroom)
Moshe Linke (@moshelinke)
Nick Preston (@holyfingers)
Nicole Rusk (@CmdrSpaceCat)
Nina Pal (@peachyroyalty)
Studio Oleomingus (@studiooleomingu)
Pippin Barr (@pippinbarr)
Pol Clarissou (@polclarissou)
Quinn Spence (@QuinleySquare)
Roh (@roh_42
Space Backyard (@SpaceBackyard)
Tanja Mölholm (the-trashprincess.tumblr)
Thomas Newlands (@thnewlands)
Tom Kitchen (@tom_kitchen)
Vaida Plankyte (@underskinnyhrt)
Victor Mosquera (@victormosquerar)
Jav (yovox.tumblr)
Zane Zlemeša (zanezlemesa.tumblr)

The Zium Project was conceived, created and curated by Michael Berto
(@thesaveroom) + (@pawsmenu) + (@thezium)
with environmental design
+ modular environments
by Quinn Spence (@QuinleySquare)

(Waypoint - Rock Paper Shotgun - Itch.io)


The Zium Museum (1.0.0) [linux machines].zip 422 MB
The Zium Museum (1.0.0) [macintosh machines].zip 402 MB
The Zium Museum (1.0.0) [windows machines].zip 399 MB

Development log


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Brilliant, one of my fav games of all time with the 2022 edition. Amazing job !


So glad I finally came along to this - well done and thanks to all the people involved!


There seems to be a small issue with Halfheart Fruit and Garnish with Grease Toroid, Bowl of Warm Cubits, and Honey Drink where the drink's original location seems to place it partially within the wall, and as such it will always fall over when loading the area or placing it back manually. Other than that, a really cool experience!


Hello, I enjoy moving around as if my head was an airplane. Will The Zium Museum (2017) one day accommodate those of us with inverted airplane head controls?


I wonder if a virtual museum will become as popular as places like the Getty one day?


This was a unique experience and I enjoyed it.


I was thrilled by this. This is the kind of experience I would love to see more of. Makes great use of its interactive elements as well.   

Wow this is far greater than expected...


Wonderful experience! This was a real museum visit! Can't wait for further expositions.

thanks for having me Michael ;) !

Fantastic works! Super cool !!!! Really enjoyed it . Congrats !

I loved this! All the art was beautiful. Great job to all the contributors. <3 

This is a great idea! A museum space where interactive art and sound can be appreciated in the environment in which they were designed to be appreciated.

Also, how do I commission a "Fountain Room" for my house? =P

This is beautiful! Thank you and all of the artists for making this. :D