The Zium Gallery 1.1

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting The Zium Gallery. 
It's been a wonderful few weeks since launch, and I hope an even brighter future for The Zium.
If you haven't yet, or if you're looking to return for a visit, then you'll find that The Zium Gallery is a little nicer, just for you.

The Zium Gallery 1.1 Update is focussed around Visitor User Experience, adding a bunch of quality of life things and requests.

Aside from other little bug fixes and polish, I've added more signage to the gallery to assist with inspecting and interacting with the artworks, as well as added some new "variants" to some of the installations. For example, an array of Freya Holmér's Wobblerocks at various vertex resolutions that are now pick-up-able and inspect-able. The same for Cat Graffam's "Object Permanence", a small selection of pick-up=able and inspectable "polaroids" from the collection can now be found in the Object Permanence room.

Aside from "Make a VR Version" the most requested feature was to add 'mouse sensitivity options' so, new options in the pause menu will give you look sensitivity control and better controller support.

Here's a more detailed change-list for those interested:

  • Added New Menu Options: Look Sensitivity, GamePad Toggle and Y Axis Flip Toggle.
  • Added Click To Sit/ Press X To Stand on every suitable bench.
  • Added “Pick up and Inspect” capabilities to Cat Graffam’s Object Permanence and Freya Holmér’s Wobblerock.
  • Added pick-up-and-look-able Wobblerock to Gift Shop.
  • Added “Pick up and Inspect” Info Text near all “Pick Up and  Inspect-able” Objects.
  • Fixed an issue with sometimes being able to fall through floors.
  • Fixed issue with installations and object disappearing.
  • Fixed some Z Fighting in Seth Redd’s “An Evening Stroll”.
  • Fixed collision on electrical box Seth Redd’s “An Evening Stroll”.
  • Fixed collisions in flower bed in Phoebe Shalloway's "Arcadia Under Construction"
  • Addressed Linux Video Format Issue so Videos should be Viewable on Linux.
  • Added a “Zium” sign instead of “Exit” sign on Entry/Exit to Seth Redd’s “Conservatory”.
  • Founder's Gallery: Added a didact at the welcome sign for Quinn Spence's Architectural Pieces.
  • Founder's Gallery: Menu Updated to match The Zium Gallery Menu.
  • Founder's Gallery: Mouse Look Customisation/Better Controller Support Options Added
    New in The Zium Gallery Hotfix 1.11:
  • Fixed an encoding issue so that Bob Bicknell-Knight's "The Dance" video is viewable on Linux platforms.
  • Added better signage to the exit of Julián Palacios Gechtman and Skinless Lizard's "I hope to see you again"

To all those who have visited and supported The Zium Gallery so far, thank you!
To those returning, welcome back! To new visitors yet to visit, welcome.

All the best,

Michael Berto


The Zium Gallery - Mac 938 MB
Feb 22, 2022
The Zium Gallery - Windows 929 MB
Feb 22, 2022
The Zium Gallery - Linux 952 MB
Feb 22, 2022
Bonus: Founders Gallery - 329 MB
Feb 22, 2022
Bonus: Founders Gallery - 320 MB
Feb 22, 2022
Bonus: Founders Gallery - 337 MB
Feb 22, 2022

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